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Case Study Report – “I Have a Dream” Foundation

November 1, 2018
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“I Have a Dream” Foundation is a nonprofit organization helping to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing long-term support to students.  The nonprofit and their website was founded in 1981 by Eugene Lang.[2] Its aim is to motivate and empower children from low-income communities to reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term program by mentoring, tutoring and enrichment, along with tuition assistance for higher education.[2] This organization aims to lessen high school drop out rates by providing educational opportunities, recreational programs.[5]

It is clear “I Have a Dream” Foundation  is proud to provide high-quality support, and required a website and educational marketing services to match this level of service. In 2018 they refreshed their brand.[3] It is evident that their brand refresh made their website look more appealing on the outside. However, after conducting a web analysis on their website, a competitive analysis on their competitors and accessed their social media practices I have identified a number of SEO and content strategy improvements “I Have a Dream” Foundation can make.